Thad Cardine

           Director of Evangelization

Thad Cardine joined Fullness of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries in August 2015. Thad has been active in a variety of non-profits and religious ministries throughout his young and adult life. He spent years traveling throughout the United States volunteering and working with the Baptist Home Mission Board. He worked in battered women’s shelters, inner-city homeless missions, with Cambodian refugees, and he was involved in the cleanup of the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Alaska. After receiving his undergraduate degree in English and Russian Linguistics he lived and worked in Moscow, Russia for a year before realizing he left his heart in Arkansas. He returned and married his sweetheart, Jamie, in 1999. His appreciation for liturgy led him to research and read writings from the Church fathers and he and Jamie entered the Church in 2002 in Savannah, Georgia.


After receiving his graduate degree in education and curriculum design, he began a career in education and taught English in both Catholic and public schools for eight years. He has been active in parish ministries, teaching C.C.E., and the Knights of Columbus. He became a Master Catechist through the Arlington Diocese of Virginia in 2009.


While he enjoyed the intrinsic benefits of being an educator, Thad continued to seek an opportunity to merge his love of his Catholic faith and non-profit work. He feels exceedingly blessed to participate in the "New Springtime of Evangelization" with Fullness of Truth in order to bring souls to Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.


Thad and Jamie homeschool their five children: Francesca, Lucian, Jacinta, Elena, and Imelda.


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