"Without the Fullness of Truth organization, I still would be attending church as a sideline hobby. Instead, now I am unashamedly Catholic, and my faith penetrates to every facet of my life. My wife and kids' lives are changed forever. The    exponential power of all our conversions will have an everlasting effect on many people."


"It was a wonderful feeling attending the conference. I felt the Holy Spirit was present! I did not want to leave and return  back to the world. I learn more about my Catholic faith when I attend those conferences. Thank you for your hard work in  organizing these conferences."


"It was awesome-- I came back to Houston feeling refreshed but also with a new charge to learn more and deepen my  understanding. You really do a great job doing God's work, and I am very thankful and I can only imagine he is."


"I was very moved by the whole experience. The mass and adoration were absolutely beautiful, the speakers were  phenomenal, and the music provided was amazing. I will definitely be there again, and will tell others about it."


"I loved the conference. The intense Bible Study weekend was amazing. The speakers' knowledge of the topic and their  credentials was so eye opening. I believe Catholics need to have better knowledge of the doctrines of our faith and the  Bible. I previously attended a Fullness of Truth Conference in Houston several years ago with the speakers telling their  conversion stories. That was excellent as well."


"This was the first time my husband and I attended a Fullness of Truth Conference. We can both say that it will not be the  last! Your organization is truly evangelizing for Christ! In just two days, we gain so much understanding of not only John's  Gospel but our Catholic Faith. May God continue to bless your ministry."


"My experience... overwhelming! There were things said by the speakers that touched my heart in a way that made me  question myself on how much I do I really know God? But that's a good thing! Because now, with every step I make in my  faith journey, I'm learning that I MUST ask myself these questions in order to continue my walk. Thank you for a beautiful  weekend. All of you were a blessing to me."


"My personal evangelizing efforts have been incredibly fruitful as I steer lapsed Catholics back to our faith, and help non-  Catholics overcome the misconceptions of Catholicism."


"Fullness of Truth is the best method to reach out to the multitudes. Fullness of Truth is especially helpful for  evangelizing family members and friends, as a third person does a more effective job of teaching the truths of the faith.  More importantly, unless you are going door to door and sharing your faith with your neighbors, Fullness of Truth allows  you to fulfill your baptismal promises to spread the faith."


"Please pray for the Fullness of Truth organization. They are truly fulfilling Pope Benedict's inaugural statement that the  Church is ALIVE!"


"The Fullness of Truth Organization not only helped me become a “revert” to the faith, it provided the tremendous  groundwork for my vocation, and ultimately lead me to the community that I so dearly love. Please communicate my  great appreciation, love and prayers to all those involved. God only knows the tremendous ripple effect this organization  will have."


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