Mary Halbleib

Mary Halbleib is a grateful cradle Catholic and a daily Catholic convert, central to her life, this faith has been her lifelong treasure.  Married to Tim Halbleib, they love their three children and three grandchildren.


Mary holds a degree in Environmental design from the University of Houston, is a professed secular Franciscan, cooperator with Opus Dei and has served the Church as a ministry director in diocesan and parish roles as Director for Catholic Charities and the Office for Persons with Disabilities as well as directing social ministry, youth ministry, family life ministry, protect life ministry, and catechetical instruction, pastoral advisory council, staff and board service.


Deeply committed to evangelization and sharing the faith, Mary has appreciated serving Fullness of Truth as a consultant, executive director, and volunteer since 2005. Mary is the author of Forming Today’s Saints Virtues program for Families.


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