Jim Bridwell

Jim Bridwell has volunteered for Fullness of Truth since August 2002. A series of events precipitated his reception into the Catholic Church in March 2002. Jim is a native Houstonian and was raised in the Pentecostal Church and the Church of Christ and adamantly announced he "would never be Catholic." His wife prayed for a deathbed conversion because she didn't like to argue. After watching National Geographic's Inside the Vatican, a documentary on the papacy, Jim began studying Church history. He attended his first Fullness of Truth conference with his wife in 2002, and he found the speakers were informative, inspirational, and compelling. He credits the Holy Spirit with prompting him to call Msgr. James Golanski at Annunciation Church in downtown Houston, who carefully shepherded him through RCIA. In fact, Jim enjoyed the instruction so much he asked to be granted permission to go through RCIA a second time. 

Jim and his wife Amy now reside in Humble, TX. They are the proud parents of eight delightful children, and have one grandchild. Jim has worked with Emergency Radio Communications since 1980, and is employed with Harris County CTS Radio Services. 


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