“Why Be Catholic?.....When You Could Be Anything Else!”

Fullness of Truth’s Catholic Family Conference in Keller (Ft. Worth), TX

July 24th – 25th, 2020

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Keller (Ft. Worth), Texas

This Summer, on July 24th & 25th at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Keller (Ft. Worth), TX, Fullness of Truth presents “Why Be Catholic?....When You Could Be Anything Else!” with a mission to give the irrefutable answers to this very fundamental question, that no Catholic should be without!  Join the engaging Senior Fellow at the “St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology” and Founder of the “Crossroads Initiative”, Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, the timeless, “spot-on” preaching of Fr. Bill Casey, CPM, and the dynamic, seasoned Catholic evangelist Jesse Romero, as they comprehensively explore the many Reasonable, Historical and Scriptural reasons why any Christian, seeking to love and obey Our Lord Jesus Christ most fully, should therefore be Catholic! 

How are we supposed to “pick” the right church anyway?  Prior to the so-called “Reformation” there was no need to distinguish between various Christian belief systems.  Especially in the West, there really was only One Catholic Church, and therefore it is history’s only true “non-denominational Church”.  The Catholic Church predates the New Testament.  It is the Church that gave us the Bible, and not the other way around.  Catholics are indeed the original "Bible-Christians"! 

The very idea of different, often competing Christian denominations would have been unthinkable to the early Christians.   So, rather than trying to decide between 35,000 Christian denominations, that trace themselves back to a human founder, why not stick with the only Church traceable directly back to Jesus Christ?  More bluntly: why should anyone settle for an imitation when the original is available—especially when it comes to knowing and living the truths necessary for salvation?  Our Summer conference, and that Church, stands ready to answer these most incisive questions and more!  Did Jesus intend a line of succession of His Authority?  Was Peter really the first Pope?  Why do Catholics pray to Mary and the Saints?  Is Jesus really present body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Holy Eucharist?

So again, “Why be Catholic?”- when Protestant churches are unquestionably accomplishing much good in the world, and countless individual Protestants are surely pleasing to the Lord and can look forward to a place in His Kingdom.  THE ANSWER: because it is in and through the Catholic Church that the fullness of God’s revelation is to be discovered and enjoyed, and the only place one will find the Fullness of Truth!  So, in conclusion, one should be Catholic not only because the Faith is Reasonable, Historical and Biblical, but because Catholicism is TRUE! 


Marcellino D'Ambrosio, PH.D

From a colorful and varied background as a professor of theology, a father of five, business owner, and professional performer Marcellino D’Ambrosio (aka “Dr. Italy”) crafts talks, blog posts, books, and videos that are always fascinating, practical, and easy to understand.  He is a popular speaker, TV and radio personality, New York Times best-selling author, and pilgrimage host who has been leading people on a journey of discovery for over thirty years.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church

2016 Willis Lane, Keller, Texas 76248


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