Fullness of Truth End-of-Year Appeal

Fullness of Truth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry. Our conferences illuminate the pathway of understanding for life’s meaning, and our goal is to guide as many souls as possible to the truth found in our Catholic faith.

What is the organization’s impact since 2001?

2 States, 12 Dioceses, 100,000+ Attendees, 12+ Vocations

We count on the generosity of our donors to enable us to continue our mission. 

A matching gift has been given to Fullness of Truth in the amount of $30,000

Join us today through the end of the year in reaching more souls and your donation will be doubled!

Your contribution could:

                      $3,000 Underwrite speaker fees for a conference

                      $1,500 Provide conference attendee lunches

                      $500 Underwrite traveling bookstore

                      $250 Provide conference attendance for 4 clergy or religious

                      $75 Sponsor confessor stipends

                      And more!

Questions? Contact Madelyn Perry: